Instructor and students aid classmate

Posted on 01 May 2013 by admin

Student suffers from seizure in class


A student suffered from a seizure during foreign language instructor Jose Otalora’s April 10, 6 p.m. Elementary Spanish 2 class.

Otalora and several of his students quickly came to the aid of the student.

Otalora said the student was suddenly talking very fast and having trouble sitting up in her chair.

“All of the sudden a student started to have trouble standing up and she was trying to tell us something but it was unintelligible. Talking very fast,” Otalora said. “She was having trouble sitting up right so we knew that she was in trouble.”

Fellow students quickly came to her aid, according to Otalora.

“Students near her came to her aid. So in case she was having a seizure she wouldn’t hit her head,” Otalora said. “We decided to seek for help, so I asked people to dial 911 and the janitor who works in this wing radioed for the police.”

Otalora said while waiting for the paramedics he worked to stabilize the student.

“Soon after the paramedics came,” Otalora said. “I was trying to stabilize her by putting her on the supine position on the floor. That seemed to help her regain her breathing and she was doing better.”

Otalora said he was thankful to have students willing to help their classmate.

“I was glad my students were there to intervene, without them I wouldn’t have been able to help her,” Otalora said.


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