Honors program offers challenge to capable students

Posted on 12 September 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Courses, contracts and special fieldwork opportunities included

By: Melissa Wilkinson


Students with an excellent work ethic and a drive to get more out of their STLCC experience should apply to enroll in the honors program, according to Dr. Sophia Pierroutsakos.

Pierroutsakos, the honors program coordinator at Meramec, said the program gives high level students additional opportunities in the classroom.

“The honors program offers a collection of excellent academic opportunities:  Courses, contracts, but also community, a chance to connect with other honors students and professors who are dedicated to working with them,” said Pierroutsakos.

The honors program includes both courses and contracts for selected students. Honors courses have a work curve higher than what’s expected from a non-honors student in order to draw out the best work from each student and build valuable résumé skills. According to Pierroutsakos, all 100 level courses have the potential to be honors courses through the contract process, but the honors program also offers special classes just for honors students.5

The honors contract is a process that makes nearly any course at Meramec into an honors course. Students participating in an honors contract will be expected to do more work at a higher level than their peers, and are also given the opportunity to work on a special project with their professor. These projects give students a hands-on experience and an opportunity to work closely with an expert in their chosen field. According to Pierroutsakos, they are a great way for students to try out possible career paths.

“The honors program is more of the best that we already offer at STLCC: courses with faculty who are experts in their field, dedicated to working closely with honors students, support for reaching yours goal,” said Pierroutsakos.

Due to dwindling participation in the honors program, Pierroutsakos is seeking to draw attention to the opportunities the program offers its participants.

“STLCC is an excellent first choice,” said Pierroutsakos. “I want more students in the community to realize that, and to know what our honors program offers the best and brightest of them: An excellent education without enormous debt, chances to work closely with dedicated professors.”

The honors program page of the STLCC Meramec website mentions additional benefits including academic scholarships, one-on-one student mentoring, a special designation on diplomas or certificates and special awards banquets.

Returning students can qualify for the honors program using their GPA at Meramec, while new students can apply using their ACT scores, Accuplacer or high school GPA. Qualifying students must have scored at least a 26 on their ACT or equivalent test and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 for the last 12 credit hours taken.

Interested students should stop by the honors program office, BA 123J, from 12-4pm Monday through Wednesday, or Thursday from 2-4pm. Students can also contact Dr. Sophia Pierroutsakos via email at mchonors@stlcc.edu.

(Brad Riaze contributed to this article.)


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