Governing the masses

Posted on 05 May 2015 by admin

Staff Writer Christian Hargas explores how the student government effects campus life


Staff Writer


Students interested in leadership have the opportunity to get involved in one of the studentstudent gov government programs at all STLCC campuses. Student government is the representative body of the students at STLCC, said Carolyn O’Laughlin, manager of Campus Life.

“Student Government, in general, people bring forth ideas and they bring forth a project they would like to see done. It really gives the students an opportunity to say ‘Wait a minute, I have a question about this’ and this is the place where they can ask,” O’Laughlin said.

O’Laughlin said students who want to join student government must meet academic requirements.

“We want our students to be in good standing, so they cannot be on academic probation. Students must also be enrolled at Saint Louis Community College,” O’Laughlin said.

According to O’Laughlin, Meramec’s Student Government collaborates with governments of the other three STLCC Campuses.

“I think it is always good for student leaders to learn how other student leaders, of different governments, do things at other places. It just helps broaden their perspective and that is always a good thing,” O’Laughlin said.

O’Laughlin said the organization participates in different projects each year.

“It kind of depends on who the leadership is and who is in the room. This year, one of the things they worked on, with the District Student Government Council, was to address student questions about buses and transportation to the college,” O’Laughlin said.

O’Laughlin said student government can collaborate with any of the other clubs on campus.

“It often takes the time and effort between the leadership of those clubs to orchestrate what it is they want to work on together, but Student Government can work with any of the clubs here at Meramec,” O’Laughlin said.

O’Laughlin said she believes the Student Government can be successful in a variety of different ways.

“Sometimes, it is looking outward and saying ‘How do we help the state?’ and ‘What is our role in the state of Missouri about Community Colleges?’ Sometimes, it is looking inward and saying ‘what is our role for the students at STLCC – Meramec, in getting the things we need here?’” O’Laughlin said.

O’Laughlin said it is crucial to have good teamwork within the student government because of the different circles of influence, skill sets, and experiences everyone can share.

“I think that often, people think individuals can get things done on their own, but it is not until you can collaborate with other people. Whether it is people directly on your team, or people in other organizations, we can get much more done if we work together,” O’Laughlin said.

According to O’Laughlin, one of her main goals, for student government, is to give people a voice at the Meramec campus because it is a way to connect to people. “Another one my main goals would be to provide people with fellowship and opportunities to meet other students who are interested in the same things they are interested in,” O’Laughlin said.


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