Free Thinkers Club’s posters torn down

Posted on 15 September 2016 by admin

Club founded on open discussion receives backlash for poster text

freethinkersBy: Sam Roy
Asst. News Editor

Posters designed and placed around campus by the Free Thinkers Club have been torn down repeatedly.

According to the club’s former president Kyle Luzynski, half to three quarters of the club’s posters were removed almost immediately after they were posted.

“I believe that if a student is caught tearing down an approved poster there should be some repercussion,” Current Free Thinkers Club President Evan Shatton said. Shatton said the purpose of the club is to discuss religion in general and not just for people who are agnostic or atheist.

“The purpose of the club is you can go there and talk about things you normally can’t,” Shatton said.

The Free Thinkers club is for students with nontraditional religious beliefs as well as students from diverse religious backgrounds to discuss their views.

“We have a right to express ourselves and advertise our existence,” Luzynkski said. “[It] makes me feel as if there is a significant opposition to my lifestyle…when I believe it should be a non issue,” Luzynkski said.

Luzynski said many members have been subject to discrimination because of their unconventional religious beliefs and religious posters are rarely removed.

“If our club should not be allowed a voice then others shouldn’t either,” Shatton said.

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