A breeze of change in South County

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Programs at SCEUC to discontinue after end of semester



By: Ian Schrauth
Online Editor



The St. Louis Community College—Meramec campus has more than just the campus we know, with the library, Montage newsroom, and cafeteria. They also have a branch campus in south county. Located on Meramec Bottom Road in Oakville, the South County Education and University Center is getting a change to their 7-one-7 program. The 7-one-7 program is a program where a student takes two classes in one semester, each lasting seven weeks long.

The program is being completely removed, while other changes are implemented.717

“It was a trail for two years…” Julie Loyet, Manager at SCEUC, said. “I think it’s kind of confusing to explain 7-one-7, so we’re going to keep doing an accelerated format with eight week classes instead of seven.”

The SCEUC will also supplement the schedule with 16 week classes, so people have more of a selection.

Jesse Kuhlmann, STLCC student and student worker, is sad that the 7-one-7 program is going away.

“It was different, and it seems like it might be harder, because, you know,” Jesse Kuhlmann said, “[it’s] a 16 week class shoved into seven weeks.”

The SCEUC is not only getting changes for the 7-one-7 program, but some other little changes as well.

“We’re starting some more concentrated evening programs, so hopefully we will be busier in the evenings…” Loyet said. “I’ve been talking with St. Anthony’s hospital and seeing what their training needs are. I’ve [been] working very closely now with Mehlville School District and Affton School District to do some dual credit and dual enrolment…”

Loyet is also looking into getting an IT certificate program.

Jesse Kuhlmann said she took a couple 7-one-7 class classes and found it was a lot easier for her because of focusing on two classes at a time.

“I think a lot of students were kind of scared to try it out because it was different,” Kuhlmann said.

Student worker Katie Kuhlmann is excited for the change.

“It was a good program, but I do think the eight week might work a little bit better,” Kuhlmann said. She thinks this will have a little bit of a longer time for the students.


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