Are You Newsworthy? Become a Part of The Montage!

Download Staff Application (PDF File)

Join The Montage and begin:

  • Writing and reporting on school and community-wide issues
  • Designing paper layouts and photographing subjects/events
  • Producing video content for our website
  • Learning the process of print advertising
  • Getting to know fellow students who enjoy writing, editing and designing just as much as you do

The many benefits of working for The Montage include:

  • An opportunity to attend local workshops and national conventions to hone writing, editing and designing skills
  • An opportunity to receive scholarships
  • Award-winning submissions to include in portfolios
  • Personalized critiques, feedback and training
  • A realistic newsroom experience

For more information, contact faculty adviser Shannon Philpott-Sanders at 314-984-7857 or Applications are also available outside The Montage office (SC 220).




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