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Steps toward safety

Posted on 22 April 2016 by admin


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Mark Potratz, STLCC director of the department for public safety and emergency management, said that being very cautious is a must in regards to safety.

“For any type of event that involves sexual assault, sexual violence, dating violence and any of those types of things – some of the basic precautions that a person could do is number one, be very cautious in going into unknown areas or being alone with unknown people,” Potratz said.

Safety is a number, Potratz said. It is always good to go to places with one or more friends or stay in a group. It is also good to have others who are a resource to you know what your plans are for that evening.

Anytime an individual may have a gut feeling or instinct that they are not safe where they are or who they are with, they should trust that feeling, Potratz said.

“If you engage in some type of contact or behavior with an individual who is making remarks that make you feel like you are being sexual harassed or in some way being made uncomfortable, remove yourself from that setting,” Potratz said. “Get away from that person, go to a safe public location and join a group of friends where you are away from that individual. If it has occurred on the college campus, we want to know about it – we encourage reporting.” Contact campus police to learn more.


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