Staying Fit All Year Round

Posted on 29 January 2014 by admin

Gain some #fitspiration with tips to stay on target with your resolutions

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The first month of 2014 has come and gone. IT WAS was going to be the best year yet. New Year’s resolutions were made with the intent to keep them. However, that was 4 weeks ago and the hassle of life’s mundane tasks seem to get in the way. But this year, that does not have to be the case, especially when it comes health and fitness. As one of the most popular resolutions, students are always looking to better themselves.

#fitspiration: Staying on Target

Staying on track can be hard to do once the year gets into full swing. Complications of school, work, family life and so much more tend to use free time that was set aside to get healthy and fit. However, maintaining good health all year is more achievable than one would think.

First, set short-term and long-term goals. How do you want to look and feel in the next week or about the next month? Or how about in the next year? When a goal is reached, do something for yourself. For example, those running shoes you have had your eye on, you can finally buy since the goal has been met. Goals do not have to be big in order to achieve good health and fitness. Even something as minuscule as getting off the couch everyday is a step in the right direction. Starting small can be the perfect way to get on target with that spring break body.

Next, make some switches in your diet. Instead of drinking soda with every meal, replace some of those sugary drinks with water or juice. Going cold turkey and ridding diets of soda altogether can be problematic, but drinking less sugary drinks can make a difference. Also, instead of eating lunch out all the time, start packing a healthy lunch at least once a week. This will save on not only junk and fast food but money as well.

Exercise is vital to not only a better body but a better mind. Working out or even being active can lead to happier moods especially in the chaos of life. While regular workouts can become routine, they can also become boring. Switch it up a bit and do something that you enjoy doing. Whether it is running or playing a sport, if you like what you are doing it will be less of a workout and more fun.


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