Finding Time to Relax

Posted on 05 May 2015 by admin

Art & Life Editor Dalila Kahvedzic gives advice on how to relax when you have the time


Art & Life Editor

Your typical college student has multiple jobs and responsibilities. They are usually rushing on the go with food in mouth and forgetting one absolutely necessary item for class.

Finding time to reconnect with oneself and appreciate our surroundings is essential to catching a break yet it is seldom found.

Students get so caught up in a set schedule and a set due date that it is hard to do much outside of that. It is hard to do much out of the perimeters of phone and laptop screens.

When is the last time we gave all our attention to a beautiful sunset and nothing else? Or the sound of birds chirping in the morning instead of our phone vibrating?

We often forget how fortunate we are in just having the privilege to live on this beautiful planet.

Here are some ways to catch a much needed break.


Listen to Musiclisten to music

A given; listening to music is how many people escape the world for a while. Getting lost in the music is one of the best ways to forget about everything and relax.





Play with your Pets play with pets

Playing with pets and being around them improves moods significantly. Pet owners are proven to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are related to heart disease. Pets help immensely with exercise, companionship and routine to daily obligations.





Enter a world of your own which is usually a happy place. Daydreaming lets our minds wander while daydreamactivating different areas of the brain.












Forgive Yourself

Living in the past and constantly replaying old memories makes it impossible to move forward in life. Forgiveforgive yourself yourself for whatever it is that makes it a little harder to breathe every day. It is in the past and there is no point in replaying scenarios and how it could have turned out differently. It is done. It is okay. Make new memories.










Oil aromas stimulate the part of our brains that affects emotion. Aromatherapy encourages restful sleep and relaxation. It enhances the body, spirit and mind.aromatherapy


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