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Learn how to get involved on campusSPOTLIGHT CLUBS:


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New to the STLCC-Meramec campus this year, the Black Student Education and Empowerment Club (BSEEC) aims to harness the African- American perspective to help students using cultural, social and academic discussions and programs. Sponsored by Stephen Anderson and Sherita Reinhardt, the club aspires to increase the retention and graduation rates of African American students by fostering a supportive environment which will help nourish their self-esteem and help them reach their potential.

Hoping to intensify and promote the black voice on campus, BSEEC also wants to strengthen and build the relationship between Meramec and the black community, as well as the black community’s relationship with the greater Kirkwood area.

To join, students only need to be enrolled at St. Louis Community College and have a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Hoping to become involved in campus affairs and keep busy with community service, BSEEC has already partnered with TRiO’s Student Leadership Board, as well as the Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs at Webster University, to attend a trip to Washington D.C. for the “Justice or Else” event held by Minister Louis Farrakhan as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. The trip took place from Oct. 9-11 with the primary goal of encouraging students to become more involved with social justice issues.

service worksSERVICE WORKS

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ServiceWorks! focuses on community involvement and services. The first meeting of the semester was held on Sept. 11. Students met to discuss volunteer opportunities and community involvement.

STLCC-Meramec Service Learning, Missouri Campus Compact and the United Way of Greater St. Louis all collaborate to run the club, which is the club version of Semester of Service.

The first semester meetings consist of professional development workshops facilitated by a United Way Vista volunteer. The meetings focus on leadership as it relates to service. There are supplemental workshops as well, which address life skills for college students. A few of these topics include hands-on resume writing and credit score discussions.


student governmentBY: DALILA KAHVEDZIC

Student Governance Council (SGC) is an organization on the STLCC-Meramec campus that represents the student body.

SGC advocates for student needs, supports students clubs and organizations, plans and promotes campus events and activities and works with other campuses for district-wide initiatives. SGC provides students with the ability to develop leadership skills, explore management principles and practice effective communication.

SGC Representatives discuss any problems students may have and brainstorm new ideas. They have brought the ideas of Brown bag café, which helps students in need that cannot provide themselves with healthy meals, U-Pass, which gives students a reliable form of transportation to and from school and are currently working on changing water fountains to go green so students are able to refill bottles.

President of SGC AdityaMudgalkar says all students are welcome to join and attend meetings.

The process is simple and easy, students should just come to the second floor of the student center in the campus life office and request a form to fill out.

The process of introducing a new club can be done through SGC as well.

A club recommendation form would need to be filled out and the club requires 10-15 people.

“Students find a sponsor, tell us why they should start the club and how it is different,” Mudgalkar said.

Representatives meet the second and the fourth week each month. They meet on Tuesdays at 2 in SC 201.

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