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Posted on 01 July 2013 by admin

Getting to know MeramecBy: CORY MUEHLBACH
Opinions Editor

Coming into a new place without knowledge of it can be a scary thing, and college is no different. But do not fret there are many people and programs at STLCC-Meramec to help. From math tutors to computer labs to the library, there is an endless plethora of utensils at a student’s disposal. At Meramec, students will learn, make new friends and experience great new educational opportunities.
“I went to Mehlville high school and was told, by other students, that Meramec was just going to be a second high school to me. This was false, though. I found that I was pushed to do my best by teachers who have also taught in four-year universities. Not to mention, we use the same books and curriculum as the four-year universities do,” said Meramec student Erin Kiely.
Kiely completed her first year at Meramec and “couldn’t be happier with it,” she said. Kiely has received a great college experience and Meramec is much cheaper compared to a four-year college program and just as effective. Students need to take general education courses to attain an associate’s degree at Meramec. After those credits students can take credits pertaining to their major and prepare for a university.
Students can get help from various programs situated around campus. If a student is having trouble deciding what classes to take, he or she can head over to Clark Hall where a faculty of advisors are available to help. They will guide students through the credits they need, their financial aid, transcripts and where other areas of the school are located.
What are some things students should keep in mind about classes at Meramec? Classes will be more difficult, however the faculty try to work one-on-one with students to ensure success. The responsibility is still on the student.
“As a college faculty member, I don’t hound students to turn in assignments. I place the task of individual time management and completing course assignments to students. I offer advice, but ultimately our students are adults,” Professor of Communication Chris Eayrs said.
Students must work on his or her own time to succeed at college. Though students must work harder, there are many labs, tutors and faculty to help them if needed.
Hate math? No worries, Meramec has a lab for that. Hate writing? No worries, the Writing Center exists. On campus during many hours of the day, tutors are willing to sit down with students one-on-one and make sure they get adequate assistance. Meramec has its tutors in several convenient locations across the campus, such as the Communications North building and the Science West building. The blueprints to success are in the student’s hand; he or she just have to use the resources provided.

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