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Posted on 31 August 2016 by admin

Finding everything from classes to Blackboard assignments

Welcome WagonBy: Missy Arneson
Copy Editor

Saint Louis Community College- Meramec, although small, can be daunting to new students. No one likes to be lost, so the campus staff hosts the Welcome Wagon event to help new students find their way.

The Welcome Wagon can be found at multiple locations on the Meramec campus — the tables are always at convenient spots where lots of students will pass by. The workers are friendly and excited to help students find any class, meeting, or office, and even offer to help students set up Blackboard. If a student doesn’t need help finding a class, they can always drop by for the free drinks and snacks.

Timothy King, a full time student in his second year at Meramec, said he didn’t take advantage of the Welcome Wagon when he first started taking classes; but he thinks the Welcome Wagon is a “good idea. That way [new students] don’t feel lost.”

Donald Rusk, a part time student in his third semester at Meramec, shared a similar sentiment of appreciation. He spoke with the Welcome Wagon about the free U-Pass offered to all enrolled students, and found their answers helpful. “I was not aware that that was free,” he said. “I thought we had to pay for it.”

The Welcome Wagon is especially helpful for finding buildings that may not be obvious, since some students find the map unhelpful. “I think we need to work on our map… I think we as a school could make a better map,” said Jason Loomer, a full time student in his third semester at Meramec.

Meramec, though perhaps scary at first, can be a very welcoming and friendly campus. The staff are here to help, and happy to answer questions or give directions. The Welcome Wagon is just one more event to help make life on campus easier.


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