Trunk or Treat lights up the cafeteria

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Students organize a night of fun for families

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Trunk or Treat

On Friday Oct. 23, Meramec’s cafeteria was full of not only students, but also families from throughout the St. Louis area enjoying this year’s Trunk or Treat. The event was organized by the Student Governance Council along with the Student Activities Council. The event was held inside the campus cafeteria due to possible weather conditions in Kirkwood. In charge of the entire night was Campus Life Director, Carolyn O’Laughlin.

“I know Meramec has loved Halloween,” O’Laughlin said.

The college did activities in the past during the Halloween season, such as a haunted house, but this is the first time Meramec has held a Trunk or Treat inside of a campus building.

“The Trio Student Leadership Board helped decorate the inside and we are proud of how it turned out,” O’Laughlin said. Maddie Marlow, Meramec student and President of the Student Activities Council was also helping the night run smoothly.

“This is the first year Trunk or Treat is back, and we are trying to make it an annual thing,” Marlow said.

The cafeteria was lined with 16 different clubs and office tables handing out treats and candy. The Chemistry Club table had a solution mixed with dry ice, forming dry ice bubbles entertaining children, parents and students. Chemistry Professor Tony Frost was at the table with his students, handing out candy as well. His wife and two sons participated in the Trunk or Treat.  Some students from the Student Activities Council also wrote letters to staff members of the different departments, asking them to come back to campus with their families the night of the event to join in the Trunk or Treat.

Student Jessi Lee’s table in particular was different from the rest.  Lee gave away two tables worth of free books for all age levels as part of her Honors project in sociology. Although the children really seemed to love getting free candy, Lee’s table was just as popular.

The night was full of frights, treats, books and dancing.


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