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The Charles Drew Blood Drive

Posted on 12 February 2016 by admin

Meramec welcomes the Mississppi Valley Regional Blood Center 

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On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Meramec held a blood drive hosted by the Mississppi Valley Reginal Blood Center which was open to the public. The event was held in SC 200 and was part of the Black History Month events held on campus. The event was co-sponsored by the National Technical Honor Society and the Meramec Campus Community Building and Wellness Committe.

Students of all ages and races walked in ready to face the needle. Student Rachel Wilson said this was her first time giving blood at this location.

“I’ve donated multiple times before this,” Wilson said.

Wilson personally enjoys donating, but does not particuallry like needles.

“I like the fact that when I donate I save lives,” Wilson said.

Wilson has never gotten sick or nauseous from giving blood before until this event.

“There were other distractions in high school when I gave blood, like people being loud in the gym, but not in here,” said Wilson.

Wilson did not have to make an appointment to give blood for the event.

“I just walked right in and donated,” Wilson said.

After donating, Wilson’s snack was a bag a Chex Mix to help regulate her blood sugar.

Another student, Anna Kremer, came in with a friend to give blood. Kremer went through some online paper work before she was able to give blood.

Kremer also had her blood pressure and temperature taken before she sat in the chair to donate. The phlebotomist, a person trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research, then prepared Kremer’s arm to donate the blood.

Kremer did what any other person wanting to donate would go through before donating. According to the Mississppi Valley Regional Blood Center’s website, one would need to complete a physical screening and questionnaire, then a phlebotomist would lead you to a donor bed.

The phlebotomist would help you onto the donor bed and cleanse the area on your forearm where the needle would be inserted.

A one-time use kit is used for each donation. The entire process is about 8-12 minutes. The Mississippi Valley Reginal Blood Center is located at 9860 Watson Rd., St. Louis for anyone who was not able to donate during this drive and is still interested.


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