Student spotlight: Austin Bennett & Aaron Conner

Posted on 22 April 2016 by admin

Juggling fun and studies

By: Dalila Kahvedzic


You can catch students Austin Bennett and Aaron Conner juggling together in the quad when the weather permits. The two friends met in high school and have been juggling on and off since.

Aaron Conner picked it up after a game of baseball, he said.

“One day I was playing baseball for high school and I came home and I had three baseballs in my hand. I started trying to juggle and I saw my buddy across the street who juggles so I went outside and he just showed me the ropes,” Conner said.

Student Austin Bennett started in high school, took a few years off and recently picked it back up.

“With this kind of activity, it’s all about flow – getting your mind focused on one thing and have a rhythm going,” Bennett said. “It’s just really relaxing and it puts your mind in a relaxed state.”

Conner agreed.

“With music too you just kind of get lost.”


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