Student Government Association Hosts Night of Frights

Posted on 15 November 2017 by admin

Annual Trunk or Treat brings together students, community, children


By: Christopher Hutson
Staff Writer


Meramec got spooky this Oct. 27  during its third annual Trunk or Treat  event, which brought together many  students, neighborhood kids and parents for a night of haunted fun.s1

Originally held in the parking lot, the Student Government Association started Trunk or Treat to give local children  a safe alternative to trick-or-treating.  Campus clubs would decorate vehicles  and serve up sweets out of the trunk.

“We have a number of students who are parents,” said Carolyn O’Laughlin,  Manager of Campus Life. “Often our  events don’t apply but this is certainly  one that does. We make sure to invite  the children of the faculty and staff so  they can attend too.”

According  to  O’Laughlin,  who   helped coordinate the event, it’s often  difficult for parents who are working and going to school full time to find a trust ed area in which to trick-or-treat.

But  thanks  to  the  efforts  of  the  faculty and students, that is no longer  a problem.

“It’s just to have a good time,” said O’Laughlin. “To escape for a little bit.”

The event has since moved to the  Student Center cafeteria, but although  the location has changed, the spirit of  the event has not. The many clubs set  up tables with themes based around  their  club,  complete  with  a  Halloween twist. There were also games and,  of  course,  candy.  Children  contributed to the atmosphere by dressing  up as their favorite superhero, villain,  princess or animal.

Many of the students, faculty and  visitors  also  wore  costumes.  Some  dressed from classics like Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch” or “Wonder Woman”, while some were original adaptations.  A kid  version of Zoom from DC’s “The Flash” was spotted briefly before racing off. Also on scene was a giant skeletal tyrannosaurus posing for pictures with children and parents.

The games were catered towards  children, meaning that win or lose, par ticipants still got a prize. There was also a DJ that played spooky classics that  made a lot of the kids get up and dance while their parents, students and faculty could chat amongst themselves.

“It’s an event that students get to  mingle,” said O’Laughlin. “You get to  be a kid again and have fun…it’s a benefit for all of us.”

The diversity of Meramec students  was displayed through the numerous  participating clubs who attempted to attract attention with their table offerings. The Campus Crusaders for Christ, for  instance, spread their message through pieces of papers attached to candies  with  vaguely  Halloween-themed  text  from the Bible.

The chemistry club used a more scientific approach to attract new recruits. When one of the students held out his  hand the other would mix two solutions together, which was then filtered through a tube, producing a large white bubble. The bubbles were then stacked atop  each  other,  creating  a  bubble  ghost and surprising students, parents  and kids alike.

Tricia Duffin, advisor of Meramec’s theater club, said she had five students who dressed up, decorated their table and handed out candy.

“I think it was more about…getting the clubs involved in the community,”  said Duffin. “We have a lot of students that are of various ages and have kids  and various needs. It’s kind of an oppor tunity to get them to know that we’re  here, that we have clubs and activities  they can join.

It was evident by the smiles present on everyone’s faces that the third annual Trunk or Treat was a complete success.

“Our students really enjoyed putting it on, so it’s really fun for them,  and it benefits our larger community,” said O’Laughlin.

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