Student Governance Council exhibits Magician Peter Boie for fundraiser

Posted on 22 April 2016 by admin

Magic show held on campus to help support a local Make A Wish child

Production Manager


Magician Peter Boie performed on campus on April 1 in the student center cafeteria. This show was to help benefit the Make A Wish program hosted by the student governance council. The show consisted of different illusions and tricks along with bringing audience members on stage. Boie, now a young adult, began learning magic at quite a young age.

“I was eleven years old and found a magic book at the library and I got hooked on it. Loved slight of hand and practicing it, working with my hands. Trying to be creative, so I just enjoyed the process. I had an obsession with magic as a kid as most kids do for a while and then I just started learning it and never stopped,” Boie said.

Boie had an unusual appreciation to the time and commitment it takes perfecting something difficult.

“Not many people would put in that much time and energy so I felt like if I committed I could be good at it if I really worked hard. It’s kind of this thing where not many people know the magic secret so you know something other people don’t,” Boie said.

Starting with library books and magic shops, Boie was also hanging out with other magicians, learning from them as well as giving his own pointers.

“We watch each other perform and try to give feedback and tips on how to improve. You learn the most by doing a trick for people,” Boie said. “We’ll share secrets. Some secrets we don’t share. It depends on how good of a friend you are. If you come up with something special and you don’t want it to get out yet you just kind of keep for yourself for a while.”

Kathryn Turek, Student Governance Council President was extremely pleased with how the event turned out.

“It literally took my breath away,” Turek said.

The event came together through the help of the student governance council and the student activities council, along with two very important staff members, Phillip Campbell and Carolyn O’Laughlin.  turek said the event would not have been possible without them. They have been a special force along the way, keeping everything together, Turek said.

“At the same time the students were given the initiative to advertise in whatever way we would like; making flyers and stuff like that,” Turek said.

This is not the first time Boie has done an event to help a greater cause.

“Every once in awhile I’ll do something that benefits charity or some other organization. I do a lot of college and university work. A college would bring me in to entertain their students and sometimes the students in a community. I work a lot of corporate events as well,” Boie said.

The whole event was hosted to help fund Student Governance Council’s project to grant a special child a wish.

“Mackenzie is our wish child that we have all semester. She is going to Disney World at the end of May. We are fundraising money to allow her to go to Disney World,” Turek said.

It is a blessing to work along side our student activities council, Turek said.

The student activities council has done so much to collaborate with SGC this semester in addition to giving back to the student body and allow them to have more of  a  local community, Turek said.

The Student Governance Council is more than hopeful to reach their goal for Mackenzie in May.  As for Boie,  he will continue to do shows and display what he loves.

“People don’t believe in magic,” Boie said. ”Its fine. Magic isn’t real, but I’m going to try and make you believe for an hour during my show.”


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