Politics affect ‘Violet’ but can’t steal its message

Posted on 07 December 2016 by admin

Meramec theater takes the stage to take our mind off an interesting topic


By: Missy Arneson
Copy Editor


The St. Louis Community College — Meramec theater department recently performed “Violet,” from Nov. 16 to Nov. 20.missy-al

While the production only ran for these five days, the rehearsals began much earlier.

“We knew that we were producing “Violet” almost a year ago, and then we started working on the production design in about August/September,” director and Theater Professor Michelle Rebollo said.

Because of this, the cast actually had a rehearsal on Nov. 8, which was election day.

“During election week, nobody was happy,” said Trey Marlette, who played Virgil. “Even people who voted for Trump, because at that point, people were just getting tired of hearing everybody talk about it.” Even the director’s intended message changed because of the election.

“After the election, it [the message] became much more that the change that came out of the civil rights movement had to be questioned again, given where we are now in this political climate,” Rebollo said.

“Are we going backwards?” The production had other issues as well; namely, space to rehearse.

“…at that point “Noises Off” was still running, so we couldn’t use the stage,” Marlette said.

Regardless, the overall process went well.

“I’d have to say [the best part was] just how kind this group of people really was,” Rebollo said.

“I mean, they enjoyed what they were doing, they enjoyed the process and that translated across the board… There wasn’t a lot of drama behind the drama.” Marlette said that students hesitant about auditioning should just go for it.

“Do it,” Marlette said. “Just do it!”


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