New writing club provides outlet for creativity

Posted on 12 September 2017 by Ian Schrauth

A bestselling club at Meramec


By: Madison Bouse
Staff Writer


Meramec’s new Creative Writing Club is the place to be for students seeking feedback on the novel they’ve been writing for years – and for students trying their hand at creative writing for the very first time.

President Noah Reed was a member of his high school’s poetry club and of the small Creative Writing club at STLCC-Wildwood, but after finding that a student writing community didn’t exist here at Meramec, he took matters into his own hands.

“I really missed that outlet of being able to share what I’ve written with other people while also getting constructive criticism,” said Reed. “And I really missed the social aspect of writing. I feel like that’s something that a lot of writers don’t have.”

Reed said that so far, one of the best parts about being involved with the club has been seeing students from various backgrounds come together on a common ground – writing – to share perspectives that can enrich and inform one another both as individuals and as writers.

“I want the club to always be supportive,” said Reed. “The atmosphere is very relaxed; everybody respects each other and works with each other. We have someone who has been working on a story for a long time, and he’s gotten a lot of help.”4

Reed also realizes that many writers are introverts. But whether students are seeking new friends or simply an environment that cultivates support, creativity, and constructive criticism, they are more than welcome in the Creative Writing Club.

“Introverts are completely welcome,” said Reed. “You can just show up and say, ‘I wrote something; can you look at it?’ You can even email it to me if you can’t make it to the meetings.”

Creative Writing Club is still just beginning to pick up speed, but Noah was excited to see that so many students expressed interest during the Club Fair in the first week of September. In the upcoming months, he plans to organize open mic nights, poetry slams, and even guest speaker events.

“I know there are so many creative people here who would love to write something,” said Reed. “And now, because of the club, they have that outlet.”

  • Zackery Kottkamp

    Where can I be able to find the creative writing club? Where and when do they meet?

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