How To Save the Planet

Posted on 10 March 2015 by admin

Art & Life editor Dalila Kahvedzic shows different ways to help save the planet


Art & Life Editor

Taking care of the planet we live on seems to have escaped many minds lately. People are so caught up in their modern technology and their phone screens to care much about being Earth friendly. Luckily, caring about the planet just takes a few small steps.

1. Replace bulbs Regular bulbs can be replaced with flourescent ones. Sure, the lighting is a little dimmer and the color may be off but they can always be put in smaller spaces such as closets.

2. Wrapping gifts Reusing old wrapping paper or bows is an easy way to help the environment. One can also use simple yet creative things such as newspapers to wrap presents with.

3. Car care Cruise control can give a car better mileage, which is great considering gas prices are constantly fluctuating — usually increasing. Taking care of a car in ways such as changing the air filter also helps decrease pollution and prolong the life of the vehicle. Also, all that junk in the trunk decreases fuel efficiency. Get rid if it. It is all a win-win situation.

4.Stop buying bottled water Buy a gallon of water and when that is used up, keep refilling it with tap water. Sure, water bottles are more on-thego and practical, but at least for home purposes a gallon would be just fine.

5. Stop littering It is not visually appealing nor is it good for the environment, and is it really that hard to walk to the trashcan a few feet away? Let us all help eachother and the planet out and not be stepping on trash every once in awhile.

6. Turn computers off Putting a computer to sleep still uses up energy, so just save what is needed and turn it off.

7. Use your microwave It is probably fairly easy to convince college students to use a microwave. Microwaves use less energy than toasters or conventional ovens do.


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