How to plan for summer

Posted on 05 May 2015 by admin

Art & Life Editor Dalila Kahvedzic gives tips on summer travel


Art & Life Editor

Summer is sneaking up and so are the vacations we worked long and hard overtime hours to save up for. The next step is to actually plan the trip and what to do there.dalila mugshot new

1) Choose your travel partner wisely.

Do not go with the Debbie Downer or the complainer. Go with someone who has the same goals and wants the same or similar experiences from the trip.

2) Pick a place.

Middle of the dessert with the breathtaking starry sky or beachside with palm trees and freshly chopped open coconuts? The limits are endless. Pick what kind of destination you want and go from there.

3) Get organized.

It is said that getting lost in an unfamiliar place is the best way to explore. While this may be true, having set times and days to visit certain destinations is a must considering opening and closing times.

4)Research your costs.

Hotels, restaurants, taxi fees. Take everything into consideration, calculate an average daily expense and always have an extra stash of money if things go sour.

5) Booking.

Book a flight and accomodation early so you can have a guaranteed spot for both.

6) Packing.

Make a checklist of things needed and check off as you go so nothing is forgotten. We all know of that one person who forgets their phone charger and has to buy another.

7) Get travel insurance.

It covers things such as a broken camera, a cancelled flight or even if something is stolen.

8) Plan for relaxation.

Although vacations involve sightseeing and exploring, do not tire out too quickly. Relax poolside and enjoy the breezy air.

Planning a vacation can be a super-stressful duty but once all is said and done, nothing replaces relaxing with no obligations.


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