From College Radio to College Professor

Posted on 26 September 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Christaan Earys proves it’s never too late to change your mind


By: Christina Perkins
Staff Writer


Christaan Earys, professor of mass communications at Meramec, has taught at colleges across the country. His previous schools include Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Benedictine University in Illinois and West Texas A&M University. Despite his long track record of teaching, Earys had no intention of doing so when he started his own college experience.

After graduating from Elk River High School in Minnesota, Earys went to University of Minnesota Duluth. According to Earys, he had always been a good student in high school but lost that drive in the shuffle of being at a big college.

“When I first went I didn’t have a lot of direction or support,” said Earys. “I ended up dropping out in my first couple of years.”

Although Earys didn’t experience academic success at UMD, he said he found something to look forward to in the form of his job at the college radio station. It was through radio that he realized he wanted to be a teacher.

“I liked having information to share with people. Being the person to have something to share with everybody was a cool feeling, and I get that same sort of feeling when I’m teaching,” said Earys. “So in a weird way I think my move to teaching has a lot to do with radio.”

After working in radio for four years, Earys decided to go back to school. He attended Missouri Western State University for his undergraduate degree.Earys

From there he went on to Bowling Green State University for graduate school. He then taught at several different schools before arriving in St. Louis in 2011 to pursue a career at STLCC Meramec.

According to Earys, the real draw for him is the influence he can impart onto students to help them shape their future career goals.

“I enjoy teaching college students,” said Earys. “I enjoy being a part of the moment when students realized what they wanted to do with their lives. I like sharing information with people that will help with their progress.”

Outside of teaching, Eayrs said he is usually either traveling or preparing to travel, taking advantage of free time during his summer and winter breaks.

“Over the last few years I’ve traveled to South America, Europe and Asia. I am either traveling or preparing for my next adventure,” said Earys.

Outside of teaching, Earys said he tries to travel often.

“Over the last few years I’ve traveled to South America, Europe and Asia. I am either traveling or preparing for my next adventure,” said Earys.

Earys said some of his most memorable teaching moments involved seeing them happy over their own success. What he likes best about teaching at Meramec is the diversity of students and their experiences, and he plans to continue teaching well into the future.

“I will still be teaching [in 10 years],” said Earys. “It’s something I want to do for the rest of my life.”


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