Club Spotlight: Sociology Club

Posted on 26 September 2017 by admin

Membership provides open space to discuss social issues


By: Stephen Buechter
Staff Writer


Meramec’s sociology club is the place to discuss social issues, according to faculty advisor Lisa Martino-Taylor. Martino-Taylor, an associate professor of sociology, said that the club is useful even for those who do not plan on taking a sociology class.

“I would encourage any student to be a part of the sociology club because they’re really in tune with the community in terms of what’s going on…what needs attention in the community…and they talk about issues, they talk about solutions and problem solving, and I think anyone could benefit from that,” said Martino-Taylor.

According to Martino-Taylor, the sociology club has a long history of bringing in powerful and significant national-level speakers and opening up dialogues about pressing social issues.

“Club membership is some of our finest students at the college, and they develop such a strong group,” said Martino-Taylor. “They become quite a force of change…in our community and even to the national level.”1

Sophomore and planned Sociology major Bishesh Poudel said that the club has been a part of local events in the past. One such event was a visit to the Festival of Nations which involved learning more about Native American culture.

“It’s a way to learn about the whole world in general,” said Poudel. “The issues that affect us as students affect a wider community.”

According to Poudel, the club’s inclusive nature is a benefit of joining.

“Everyone’s voice and opinion is heard whenever we’re making decisions,” said Poudel.

Freshman Liana Baudendistel attended the sociology club’s first meeting this year. Baudendistel said she joined the club to learn about sociology outside of textbooks and lectures, and has already learned about many topics.

“I really want to try to apply it,” said Baudendistel. “I’m hoping the club will give me a chance to get involved and use sociology every day in my community.”

Meramec’s sociology club has started for the semester but is still accepting new members. Anyone interested in joining the club can contact faculty advisor Lisa Martino-Taylor at or by calling 314-984-7689.  Club president Sean Thomas can also be contacted


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