General Information

The Montage is a student-run, written and produced campus newspaper that strives to bring the community comprehensive coverage of the news and events affecting the St. Louis Community College at Meramec campus.

The Montage has been recognized nationally and state-wide with numerous awards throughout the years for excellence in overall newspaper production. Most recently, the 2008-2009 staff was awarded a National Pacemaker from the Associated Collegiate Press. The Pacemaker is the highest collegiate honor awarded to student media organizations.

The Montage staff structure models that of professional newspapers across the world. The role of a student journalist, one that Montage staffers take seriously, is to produce accurate and balanced reporting while serving as the campus watchdog. Although the news surrounding the campus community may not always shed a favorable light on the college’s image, it is the right and obligation of student journalists to report the truth.


The student editors reserve the right to make any and all decisions and editorial changes on newspaper content (with final decisions belonging to the editor-in-chief). Staff members, editors, and the faculty adviser will never guarantee a story or plug for a particular club or department activity. The Montage will strive for balanced coverage of campus life, but realizes the limitations imposed by student life, deadlines and the availability of reporters, photographers and sources. Suggestions concerning The Montage’s content, format, story ideas or general improvements are welcomed.

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